At Kfit, bring your social life to the weights. Launch into your week with a fast paced, high energy and motivational session tailored to all levels of fitness. Promoting overall wellbeing, the group sessions are a confidence boosting, endorphin pumping way to exercise. 

High energy + motivational sessions


‘Light’ focuses on improving an individual’s cardiovascular endurance. If your goal is to drop body fat, improve your overall fitness or just looking for an intense session – light is the way to go. In this session, minimal weights are used, as your body weight will be your ultimate tool for the session.


The ‘OG’ session of Kfit combines both heavy and light into one, to create one intense session. The content of the class will change week to week, keeping you on your toes. This session is the uttermost way to ensure your body does no plateau or become accustom to your usual routine. Squat jumps, burpees, kicksits, weighted push ups - Kfit covers it all.